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Silk Scarves Maintenance

Nov 28, 2020

Beautiful and romantic scarves are absolutely necessary for every fashionable woman to dress up. The embellishment of scarves makes you unexpected; the maintenance of scarves can not be ignored! For silk washing, drying, ironing, collection methods or need to pay attention to the following points:


1. Before washing, make sure to carry out the water fading test: dip a little water on the edge or inconspicuous part of the silk towel, and then press it with a white towel. If there is some fading phenomenon, do not wash it with water;

2. It is better to rinse by hand, do not use washing machine, choose neutral detergent without fluorescent agent to prepare washing solution at about 20 ° C for standby, and avoid using acid and alkaline detergent;

3. Fold the silk towel neatly, fix the fold by hand, put it into the washing liquid, shake and rinse the surface dirt; 4. Spread it out and put it into clean warm water until the detergent is washed clean;

5, after sweating or stained with perfume, silk scarves should be cleaned in time.


1. Do not wring to remove water after rinsing;

2. The silk towel is spread on the dry towel and rolled up along the edge to form a cylinder to fully absorb the moisture;

3. After removing the moisture, shake the silk towel gently and spread it out completely, hang it on the hanger with the opposite side facing outwards, and air dry it in the shade and ventilation;

4. Avoid fading, yellowing and fabric aging by drying for a long time.


1. When the air is 70% dry, spray it with clear water and let it stand for 3 to 5 minutes;

2. Ironing temperature should be controlled within 100 ° C;

3. Iron the pad to avoid aurora.

4. After ironing, hang the scarves for a while and store them after the heat is completely dispersed


1. It is common sense to avoid excessive moisture and light exposure in the collection. In addition, it is best to fold carefully when collecting, do not produce wrinkles, and pay attention not to let the silk scarf directly contact with the insect repellent.

2. Silk scarves can be stored in a special hanger for trousers. The silk scarves can be hung in a piece of cloth to avoid wrinkles. Pleated silk scarves should be rolled into a loose cylinder and stored in a circular box with good air permeability. Do not hang it with a hanger.

3. Large size scarves can be directly draped in the way of folding into a triangle and then hanging on the hanger to prevent wrinkles. In this way, three scarves can be overlapped continuously. If the silk scarf of blended material is forced to fold, it is easy to produce crease marks. At this time, you can wrap the clothes hanger with appropriate cloth, and then fold the silk scarf, overlap several pieces and hang them together. The material that is not easy to fold can be hung directly on the hanger.

4. Silk towel can not withstand friction, do not often knot on the same part, otherwise it is easy to make the part lose luster or pilling.