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What's The Difference Between Cashmere And Wool?

Mar 06, 2021

When it comes to keeping warm in winter, you will immediately think of wool? Not cashmere?

What is the difference between cashmere and wool?

Many people should not be able to clearly say why.

There are different kinds of sheep

Wool: the wool from sheep is called wool. Even if the wool is very fine, it is also called wool in industry and specialty. Wool products have the characteristics of fullness, good warmth retention and comfortable wearing.

Cashmere: the cashmere on the goat is called Cashmere (cashmere).

Cashmere is a thin layer of cashmere that grows in the outer cortex of goats and hides in the root of coarse hair.

It grows in the cold in winter, resists wind and cold, and falls off when it turns warm in spring. It is a rare special animal fiber, which is called soft gold.

Different places of origin

Wool: mainly produced in the southern hemisphere, such as Australia.

Cashmere: and cashmere is mainly produced in the northern hemisphere, China's production accounts for more than 60% of the world.

It can only be collected once in early spring, which accounts for only 0.2% of the world's animal fiber production, so it is so expensive.

Different acquisition methods

Wool: collecting wool is like hairdressing. You can shave it all with scissors. Each sheep can produce several kilograms of wool every year.

Cashmere: it grows at the root of goat's coarse hair. When collecting cashmere, you need to use a special iron comb to comb it down like a comb. Each sheep can only harvest dozens of grams.

In winter, in warm coats and down coats

It is not only beautiful but also soft and smooth around the neck.

The material of the scarf is better than cashmere and wool in terms of warmth retention, handle and wearability.

Cashmere has the best warmth retention, skin affinity and softness, followed by wool.

Around it, it's as warm as two sweaters.

When it's not that cold, it's a sharp tool for shape; when it's very cold, it can give you solid warmth.

Cashmere is the wool of goats (sheep do not have cashmere). When winter is coming, a layer of soft down will grow from the root of goat hair to resist the wind and cold.

Cashmere is to use a special iron comb, gently comb down.

The output is very small. A goat can only produce about 170g cashmere every year. A scarf with a weight of about 300g needs the cashmere of two goats. So cashmere is also known as "fiber gem" and "soft gold".

There are wool scarf and cashmere scarf two kinds of materials to choose from, the earth color system is more, belongs to autumn and winter color, very good match.