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Proper Storage Of Silk Scarves

Nov 28, 2020

Silk is a kind of material that is not easy to handle, and it is always afraid of pressing and scraping. In the almirah with limited space, how to store it reasonably?

The right way to store silk scarves

Step 1 hat can provide the best storage space. Turn the cap and cap over, and the silk scarf and hat can be properly stored together.

Step 2 fold the silk scarf into a small rectangle and fold it as lightly as possible to avoid leaving creases.

Step 3 roll the scarves into a loose cylinder, leaving the colored edges on the outermost side for easy matching.

Step 4 a hat can hold 3-4 large scarves or 5-6 small scarves, which can be effectively avoided by putting them in the closet.

Silk scarf contains the little knowledge we have to know

The long-term unused silk towel should use dust cover

Wet air will oxidize and fade the scarves. Therefore, the scarves that are not to be used for a long time should not be hung in the places directly in contact with the air. Instead, they should be packed in dust covers or non-woven bags.

Silk scarves with stitching technology should be placed separately

Silk scarves with buttons and stitches should not be mixed with other clothes to avoid dropping some small ornaments and inconvenient to find. These scarves should be placed separately and checked for loss before and after each cleaning.

It's wrong to store silk scarves like this!

Roll it into a ball and stuff it into the closet

Scarves are easy to wrinkle, and some of them can't even be smoothed by washing. Therefore, silk scarves must not be rolled into a ball and thrown directly into the wardrobe. This will not only affect the beauty, but also reduce its service life.

Use of camphor anti hygroscopic pill

The smell of camphor pill is highly volatile. This substance will deform, discolor and harden the silk fiber composed of protein, which greatly affects the service life of silk.

X use metal hangers

Uneven metal hangers can scratch scarves. If you want to hang scarves, you'd better choose cloth, suede or smooth lacquer coat hangers.

Sealed storage with box

Silk is a kind of material that needs "breathing". It is not suitable to store silk scarves in humid and airless places. Long term storage of silk scarves in humid and airless environment will breed bacteria and damp smell.

X store with fragrance items

If scarves and aromatic fragrances, cosmetics, perfume and so on are stored together, the life expectancy of scarves will be greatly shortened. These volatile aroma enhancers can turn yellow or even black.

X hang the long silk scarf for storage

It's better not to hang silk scarves for a long time, especially for long ones with heavy weight. Small sized scarves can be placed flat or folded in half on a smooth hanger. Do not hang them with a clip.

Storage instructions for silk scarves

Silk and cotton, hemp, wool, chemical fiber clothing can not be mixed, because the silk towel will have friction with these clothing fibers, especially chemical fiber will make silk produce static electricity and wool ball. Silk scarves should be placed separately and separated from other clothing materials to avoid odor and moisture absorption on other clothes.