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Men's Tie Selection Part 2

Mar 05, 2020

Men's tie selection Part 2

When choosing a tie, pay attention to the style. It mainly refers to the width of the tie (the widest part of the tie's big head). This is determined by the width of the suit collar and shirt collar. That is to say, if the suit and shirt collar are wide, the tie will be widened accordingly. At present, the width of men's ties in China is 8-8.5 cm, and that of women's ties is 7-8 cm.

Finally, we should distinguish the quality of the tie from the following aspects: no weaving and dyeing defects within 33 centimeters from the head; no distortion after straightening the two ends of the tie; pinch the middle of the tie with your hand, and recover immediately after release. If a tie can be satisfied in four aspects, then you must look more spiritual and graceful when you wear it.