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How To Wear A Silk Necktie?

Mar 16, 2020

    There are many necktie shapes, colors, patterns and knot types to choose from, like narrow silk necktie, wide silk necktie, zipper neck tie etc.

    How to select the appropriate tie and coordinate the type of knot to your shirt collar is an art.

    Here are some tips may help you wear a silk tie more decent, let's start!

    Different ties for different occassions:

    1. Black Necktie&Bowtie

    Black-tie and a bowtie is more suitable for formal events, especially if you are wearing a tuxedo. However, for semi-formal affairs, a three-piece suiting option with a perfectly tied necktie of proper length and color is acceptable.

    2. Skinny ties

    A professionally-tailored suit with a slender, close-to-body cut is accentuated well by a skinny necktie. Finish the look with a tie bar to appear polished and sharp.

    3. Colored and patterned ties

    A white shirt and suit will be more classic to wear a colored patterned tie, it is definitely will add more colors to you simple suit.

    4. Tie knots

    Several points you need to know when wearing a tie

    1. Wear A tie that is too short

    A tie should end near the middle of the belt buckle. If you are a taller man, purchase a longer length tie to accommodate your height so that you appear proportioned.

    2. Wrinkled or stained ties

    Wearing a tie that is wrinkled or stained will make you appear unkempt, no matter how good the rest of the outfit looks.