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Men's Tie Selection Part 1

Mar 04, 2020

Men's tie selection

Ties, as a important part of suits, embellishing and beautifying suits. If you want to choose an ideal tie, you should choose cloth, pattern, style and quality.

First of all, the fabric of the tie includes silk, wool, chemical fibers and blended fabrics. At present, silk tie is popular. The fabric sensation of the tie is in harmony with the fabric sensation of the suit. Secondly, the color of tie should match the color of suit and shirt to make it a suit with strong stereoscopic sense. Generally speaking, when the suit color is darker, the tie should choose the same light or opposite color as the suit color. For example, wearing dark blue suits and white shirts, you should choose a rouge or light blue tie to make people appear quiet and simple. If you wear a brown, blue, green, grey suit, you can choose a yellow tie, which will make you feel happy and enthusiastic. If you wear a full set of dark suits, you can choose a red tie, which shows a bright color in the butt of the suit, and people will become lively. In addition, the choice of tie, but also according to age and interest. Young people can choose light and bright colors such as jujube red and vermilion. For middle-aged people, dark and small-flower ties seem generous and solemn. If you are obese, please choose striped tie.