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The Most Complete Tie Use Manual In History Men's Tie Secrets Part 2

Mar 03, 2020

Step 2: The length of the tie

Many kinds and lengths of ties you can choose. Better ties are often longer. The ties used by adults in daily life are usually about 130 to 150 centimeters long. Appropriate tie length is determined by height and tie method: after tied, the outside should be slightly longer than the inside, and its standard length.

It should be that the tip of the tie touches the buckle of the belt, so that the lower end of the tie will not be "probed" from under the socks when the outer jacket is fastened with a button. For this reason, it is not advocated to choose "one pull" tie which is difficult to adjust its length in formal occasions.

Tips: If you wear high-waisted pants or vest, your tie should be shortened accordingly.