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Maintenance Of Scarves

Sep 06, 2017

Scarves maintenance

● Handling of labels

Before cutting the label, please note the recording material, washing methods and other instructions, and then use the scissors along the edge of the label will be cut off the label, and then carefully cut the yarn marked, so as to prevent damage to the scarf curling.

● Washing method

Silk scarves recommended dry cleaning, such as self-washing application of neutral detergent hand wash, dry after the low-temperature ironing scarf back.

● Maintenance and collection

Do not store the scarves in a wet, non-ventilated or sunny place, so as not to cause stains and fades of scarves. Avoid the use of desiccants, cosmetics, perfume and other chemicals directly on the scarf. If you accidentally stained, should be promptly cleaned, or easy to cause scarves turn yellow / black. When the collection can be folded horizontally put in the drawer, can also be hanging in the smooth hangers.

Eliminate scarf tassel knotting method

1 in the possession of tassels before the shawls and scarves, the first tassel carding open, but can not force pull up. You can first comb with a thick comb comb tassel, and then steam the steam to straighten it.

2 paper will be tassel wrapped up, you can prevent deformation aliasing. In the combing after the tassel, folded to the inside, with a good breathable thin paper carefully wrapped scarves, can prevent knot, but also mildew.

The method of storing towels

1 hang clothes racks, hang the scarf can be used immediately to suspend the state, and fixed with a clip, access is very convenient. You can also hang the scarf on the hanger and fix it with the jersey. With thick paper clip between the clip and scarf, the folder will not leave traces on the scarf.

2 can choose to use a large cardboard made of small storage box, width of about 30cm, will be folded into the original size of the size of the scarf and then folded after the collection.

3 will be folded into the original size of the scarf 1/4, into a number of inner folder. Storage, as long as the folder flat, it will not produce wrinkles, and at a glance.

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