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Scarf Tenderness Woman Most Understand

Aug 31, 2017

Spring and autumn is the world of scarves, not the sky of the kite, is the numerous maple leaves, the potential for the spectacular.

Scarf is very beautiful, very feminine, give her a ray of wind, no matter the southeast northwest, she will forget to so drift, warm, so a lot of good move. Sometimes, scarves really is not enough "stable", and "water-based Yang Hua" suspected. However, who can be leisurely, like the scarf itself, no wind no way, the wind is not customary to sing softly masculine When was that born?

Overall, the scarf is not enough atmosphere, just playing some small role, tied in the neck, live in the pocket, oblique ride in the waist, are only decorative. However, there is a big strong, small also has a small beauty, if the big role is not good, it is better to win a small role. Because it is gold sooner or later to glow. Scarves at this point is very pragmatic, she knows how to maximize the release of their only energy, how to improve their visibility, a chance to grasp. Like a rattan, climbing and climbing is for what, not to go to the height Scarves have a high platform for the horizon, began to reborn, fluttering for cents.

If there is no scarf in the white shirt, the finishing touch will lose meaning; if there is no scarf in the suit, then why do you advocate feminine; if the refined men also fancy scarves, and live and used to live quite well, then the scarf is water , Honey, water, and the same water to do the woman is the blend of milk, complement each other.

Women have a lot of that should not say the mind, deep hidden, unhappy; find an excuse to face friends, talk, breath, even tears, but also can not help. Sometimes, even more often, scarves is "intimate love", as long as you use her, she will do everything we can.

The surface is very stubborn woman, with a scarf foil, heart filled with a pool of clear water lilies.

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