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The Method Of The Scarf

Sep 29, 2017

Mature and elegant stripes

Will be a long scarf folded into the appropriate width, in the neck of a loose a tight around the circle, the tail cross knot, debugging tightness to achieve natural effects. This is the best in the simple yet beautiful method.

Applicable occasions: business-style informal party

Tranquil and beautiful bow

Will be popular this season, a small square folded into a triangle angle, revealing in the shoulder of the two corners, and then hit a bow in the chest, expand the flower shape, the knot slightly hidden. If you want to use a beautiful scarf buckle for the embellishment, you should use a long scarf, far from just like the dance of the butterfly, the collar is a lower coat to play a clever complementary role.

Applicable occasions: Dating and informal Party

Enthusiastic Baotou Jie

Will be folded into a large triangle, wrapped in the head and the forehead part of the two corners in the neck after the cross knot, again after the cross-line, finishing shape, so that hair with the natural sagging with the ribbon.

Applicable to: vacation and holiday

Charming sultry breasts

Will be a rich gorgeous large square diagonal folding, flat chest around the back, in the tail loose to make a knot, carefully finishing the needs of the shape. It should be noted that, take the chest before the scarf should be appropriate, to be able to insert a palm for the best condition, the color can not be too bright, fabric, texture to be soft, fluffy. This section with a solid color sweater, Slim trousers, to avoid complicated jewelry, immediately presented to everyone elegant feminine feminine atmosphere.

Applicable occasions: formal dinner and large reception

Gently winding Liang Liang shirt

In addition to the scarves gently wrapped around the achievements of a very soft halter installed, the national style of the scarf is best suited to DIY into a knee long skirt, two identical flower scarf first left and right were tied in the waist Between the staggered after the point of the results of the movement.

Applies to: Dinner and receptions.

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