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How To Do The Printed Scarves?

Feb 10, 2020

How to do the printed scarves?

Refer the scarves you bought, want to know about about its technique? Actually very easy to understand, you'll be more professional after see the below technique details.

For the prints, there're so many different kinds of methods to use, also different prints have
their own unique characters and will show distrinct great appearance.

Today we will explain one print way, named the tropical print, first we need to print the dyes
to the paper and let the special paper into the transfer print papaer by the printing way, then transfer the dyes to the fabrics through the super high temperature and pressure, this method often use for the polyester fabrics, the advantage is to make the color more bright, floral levels more delicate, realistic and artistic

Hope to know more? Just keep on follow with us.