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The Silk Scarf Is Cleverly Matched To Let Him See You More In The Crowd.

Feb 07, 2020

Just because I saw you in the crowd. In today's era when various colors of silk scarves are popular, how to match them properly and fasten them correctly to show the perfect figure in the crowd, and the rate of turning back is doubled, which has been the goal of most women.

Silk scarf, scarf customization

Elizabeth Taylor said, "women who don't wear silk scarves are the most hopeless women." Audrey Hepburn once said: "when I put on the silk scarf, I never felt clearly that I was a woman, a beautiful woman. I only have one shirt, one skirt, one beret and one pair of shoes, but I have 14 scarves. "

The following is a simple way to decorate a body with silk scarves.

If you have a long neck, you can try to tie all kinds of silk scarves. For example: simply "tie" the silk scarf to the neck. As for how to tie, for women with long necks, they can try it.

If you have a short neck, you should be more choosy about the design, color, texture and tying of silk scarves. It is suggested to choose a thinner silk scarf, not to cover the neck too much, and never tie the scarf in the center of the neck, to tie it as low as possible to form a V-shape, so that the neck can be extended visually. For those silk scarves with too complex designs or too large patterns, the neck will also look shorter.

Finally, the effect of the silk scarf should be in proportion to the figure. Small and exquisite beauties should avoid scarves that are too big and heavy.

To scarf customization manufacturers: Guoyun silk chooses a silk scarf suitable for itself, which completes more than half of the plan for shaping a perfect figure, and is also a magic weapon to increase women's charm and self-confidence.