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Digital Printing Has Gradually Become The Main Process Of China's Domestic Silk Scarves

Jun 07, 2017

At present, due to the impact of the textile industry internal adjustment of industrial structure, coupled with the increasing pressure Chinese domestic environmental protection storm, the screen print technology are facing more and more restrictions, many industry insiders can not help but worry prospects for the printing industry, but the textile industry there is a broad prospects for development, digital printing.

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As a new type of printing, digital printing has many advantages, such as high efficiency, low cost, good printing effect, less pollution, and so on, to meet the increasing demand of middle and high market(custom silk scarf).

What are the advantages of digital printing?

First, bright colors and clear patterns

The printing precision is high, the color is rich, the transition is natural, the pattern is clear.

Two, personalized customization

No plate making, batch flexibility, no flower type restrictions, and images can be arbitrarily modified, not only can achieve a single production, can also be mass production, delivery speed.

Three, environmental protection, pollution-free

Low energy consumption, low pollution and low noise. In the entire printing process, no waste water, low noise, is the real pollution-free production technology.

Four, fast reaction

The original digital printing as a means of proofing and small batch production, process equipment with digital printing technology continues to mature, as a mature technology for mass production has been widely used in China market.

It is understood that, at present, China's domestic printing and dyeing enterprises have stopped new traditional printing and dyeing processing capacity, the increase of market share is basically replaced by digital printing. Rotary screen printing is faster and lower cost, and some enterprises are still running. But with the rapid development of high-speed digital printing equipment, the market share of traditional printing will be constantly compressed.