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The Price Of Silk Reached A Record High. Recently

Jun 05, 2017

The price of silk has gone up rapidly, and the price has reached a record high.

Recently, Ms. Tang, who frequently visited the silk market, found that silk fabrics were thinner than ever this year, especially scarves and satin silk scarves were rare, while light silk scarves accounted for the majority.

Hangzhou Silk Association responsible person Ms. Shen said, since last year, the domestic silk prices all the way higher, this year silk products to thin products mainly, to Satin based thick fabric is relatively small.

Chinese silk CMC city management division ChenKe Zhang said, compared with other fabrics of clothing, silk fabric was relatively thin, so the dress reflects is not obvious, but some scarves and other accessories, this year, Dongfeng yarn fabric Georgette thin with more, while satin is relatively less.

Since the beginning of the year, China's domestic silk prices have gone up rapidly. In 2009, the price of pure silk was only 170 thousand yuan / ton or so. In the first half of last year, the price of domestic silk reached 280 thousand yuan / ton, and recently rushed to the highest historical price of 400 thousand yuan / ton. Yesterday, the famous silk production in Zhejiang B silk market price at 400 thousand yuan / ton, Guangxi, Sichuan, Jiangsu and other places of the raw silk price has been more than 400 thousand yuan / ton, the actual transaction price is higher than it has been to history, the highest price of 420 thousand yuan / ton." A person in charge of Reeling Enterprises said.

Because of the temptation of raw material prices repeatedly pressure, a recent Hangzhou silk garment enterprises to the agency issued a part of the product price notice, a silk dress, from the original 345 yuan rose to 390 yuan, the same material of a dress, also from the original 300 yuan rose to 360 yuan. A silk scarf  has risen by more than 30%.

With the price of silk rising, the prices of silk fabrics have gone up all the way. For example, Xiangyun silk, over the same period last year, the wholesale price of 48 yuan / meters, this year has risen to 68 yuan / m2, Joe the fabric from the original 35 yuan / m, the maximum rose to 60 yuan / m, while the conventional satin fabric from 30 yuan / M rose to 54 yuan / meter. "Compared with last year, the price of a Silk  Scarf rose by 20-30 yuan, and the retail price didn't go up either."." Online shop owner of a silk products store said.

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