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Differences Between Silk Chiffon & Silk Georgette

Nov 06, 2019

Many people don't know the difference between silk chiffon and georgette. This is because the industry used to classify chiffon and georgette as the same category. They are totally different. Here are some differences 

First is the hand feeling. If customers bought silk georgette and chiffon at the same time. They can feel different hand feeling of these two fabrics, silk georgette is rough than Chiffon. Some customers mat think is it not 100% silk. It is not true. In order to achieve the unique sensation, the factory will add a special thing to twist the yarn when it is spun into yarn, and the twisting degree is much larger than that of other silk fabric yarns.

Second, let's take a look at the gloss. Comparing the same specifications of georgette and chiffon in the same environment. It will be found that the gloss of the surface of the chiffon is stronger than that of the georgette, which is also caused by the twisting of the yarn, because the surface of the yarn is imposed after the twisting The reflective surface becomes more and more shredded, which causes the light to be diffused, making people feel that the luster is not strong.