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How To Maintain And Clean The Silk Tie?

Nov 07, 2019

As a 21st century business era, every man must have the necessary tie. Followed by the silk tie is how to maintain it? How to clean it to maintain its original? Here I introduce some methods.

First, the daily maintenance of the tie

  High-grade tie made of natural silk and rayon, multi-use easily deformed several times, this time should pay special attention to maintenance; middle and low-grade printing tie due to poor pigment, the pattern, the color is also easy because of washing or soaking each other Penetration, staggered and lead to staining. Therefore, the tie with a good solution, it should be immediately hung on the hanger, so that in the case of ventilation natural stretch volatile sweat. The best cleaning the entire tie to the laundromat dry cleaning, washing machine must not be thrown into the washing, so as not to tie deformation. Local stains can be carefully washed or scrubbed with a scouring oil, and then naturally dried or ironed.

Second, the tie storage

  If not for a short period of time, it should be loosely rolled into a roll, placed in the drawer of the wardrobe, and placed next to the paper bag mothballs.

Third, the cleaning of the tie

  After using the tie for a period of time, it is easy to get dirty. Do not wash your hands and put it into the washing machine for washing. You should send it to the dry cleaners for cleaning. Otherwise, it will fade and shrink, resulting in a crumpled feeling. If not dirty, you can do it yourself. First, wet method. Put the tie on a paper template, brush it with a soft brush or foam moistened with a little diluted detergent, then wipe out the foam with a dry towel and scrub with a clean wet towel. Second, dry cleaning method. Dip a soft brush with a small amount of petrol, brush the stains along the longitude and latitude lines of the tie fabric, and rub it gently with a clean wet towel after the volatile petrol has evaporated.

Fourth, the tie drying

  Dry with a thin sponge pad to keep the mouth, to avoid the shape of silk fabrics, wrinkling.

Five, tie the iron

  Tie clean, the tie on both sides of the inner edge of the curled paper put on the stick, so the edge will not be hot and dead, and tie a piece of cloth on the tie, iron ironing around to the flat, the various parts of the fold All need natural, at the same time to control the temperature and speed of ironing. Usually silk and chemical fiber, blended fabric, ironing temperature below 150 degrees Celsius, wool fabric can be controlled at 180 degrees Celsius, but the tie should be low and medium temperature ironing, 70 degrees Celsius is better. Wool tie need to first pad white cloth, with steam function ironing, silk tie to prevent the emergence of Aurora and ironing yellow spots, can speed up the ironing speed.