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Silk and maintenance methods

Jul 06, 2015
Washing: Silk long towel clothing is protein sex fiber weaving made and into, Khan wet Hou of silk clothes to immediately washing, wash Shi should not be in rough items rubbing wipe and with washing machine washing, should will clothing turned came immersion deserted water in the 5-10 minutes, with dedicated silk detergent or neutral SOAP light rubbing light rub, painting Silk Clothing in water in the repeatedly rinse can, if with drops has several drops incense vinegar of water soaking about, such wash out of silk clothes soft and smooth. Dry: Silk Clothing after washing is not Sun, not to mention the dryer heating shall normally be kept in a cool, well ventilated place to dry. Because the Sun's ultraviolet rays make silk fabric yellowing and ageing. Silk clothing should not wring water after washing, gently shaking, back to airing out, shake hanging out to dry and then iron or 70%. Ironing: silk garments wrinkle slightly worse than fiber, it is "no wrinkles not silk," said. If wrinkle, need to be ironed after washing was crisp, elegant. While ironing the clothes hanging out to dry then spray evenly water 70%, 3-5 minutes then hot ironing temperature should be below 150 ° c. Iron directly touch of silk, the best pad linings. Preservation: preservation of silk garments, thin, such as suits, shirts, trousers, skirts, pajamas, first wash and clean, dry after collection. Autumn and winter clothing to inconvenience and washable, cuts, dry cleaning, to prevent mildew and decay. Meanwhile, store clothing boxes, cabinets should be kept clean and sealed to prevent dust pollution. No place mothballs, or easy to embrittlement.