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Do foreign trade scarves order should pay attention to what

Jul 06, 2015
Do foreign trade scarves order is not an easy thing, to do, will start from the following areas: design, quality (dyeing, printing), finishing and packaging, delivery. 1, style: foreign trade order, may provide foreign guests with style, pattern selection, so the style is very important, pattern unique fashion, to suit the tastes of foreign people. Color: foreign customers, like the color of one point, to grasp the current color. 2, quality aspects: quality of dyeing and printing and dyeing in strict accordance with the customer, and also meets the standards for colour fastness, printed no color, missing white (unless a special style); 3, delivery: in strict accordance with the guests you want to specify the time of delivery, because customers have fixed schedules, flights, if delayed, ranging from deductions, you cannot deliver, it is taboo, and must guarantee the number of shipments, there can be short; 4, finishing and packaging are strict;