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Silk Pocket square component analysis

Jul 06, 2015
A, and silk square products, recognition method: domestic satin implemented by 5 bit Arabic numerals composition of unified products,, this 5 bit digital from left began 1th bit digital representative fabric of material,, full silk fabric (including silk, and silk) for "1", chemical fiber fabric for "2", blended fabric for "3", tussah silk fabric for "4", rayon fabric for "5". Second, recognition price: silk fabric price is about twice the fiber, Silk-Satin times. Three, and gloss, and feel recognition method: will samples split views its appearance, silk has sucking light of performance, looks Shun sliding not up mirror, gloss hospitality soft, is Pearl light, feel soft elegant, thread more key, with hand caught will has wrinkles, purity more high, and density more big of silk feel also more good; simulation silk real is after off Caine processing, feel more soft, but silk surface sent dark, no Pearl gloss; chemical fiber fabric gloss bright, and glare, feel more stiffness. In addition, the silks should be slightly scraped the sensation of his hands, rubbing the two layers of fabric, will have a "sound" sound, and other raw material fabric is not. Four, combustion method: spare parts burning yarn, silk invisible fire, the smell of burning hair, gray-black grainy, you can crush by hand; silk, fire flames, plastics, fire edges left after hard plastic blocks.