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What Is The Eye Mask? ②

Apr 03, 2020

3. Application of Eye Masks

1) Long-term computer surfing, watching TV, reading books and driving.

2) Long term chronic insomnia.

3) People with eye wrinkles, dark circles and pouches (under the eyes).

4) It is suitable for computer users, student, office workers with high work pressure and elderly insomnia. Whether you take a break in the office or take a trip, it can protect your eyes well

4. Classification of Eye Masks

1) Shading Eye Mask

The main function of the shading eye mask is to block the light and eliminate interference, and create a suitable environment for sleep, which is more suitable for daytime and outdoor use.

2) Health-care Eye Mask

Health-care eye mask generally refers to eye health equipment with health care function. In addition, there is an eye health-care liquid eye mask with cold and hot compress. It can be placed in cold or hot water to cool or heat. When used, it can play a role in eliminating eye fatigue.

But when selecting and using, pay special attention to the instructions for use of the product.

3) Multi-function eye mask

Multi-function eye mask is a relatively new type eye mask in the market. It combines the functions of light-shielding eye masks and health-care eye masks. It can be used for daily shading sleep, and can also exert its magnetic therapy far-infrared negative ion health care function to relieve eye fatigue. It is a good helper to avoid light interference when taking a break or sleeping during car trips, outdoor camping, and outdoor camping. It is also a health care product that quickly relieves eye fatigue at work, study, and games.

There are not many multi-function eye masks in the market, and the round eye mask is the most popular. Because it is not only cost-effective, but also has stronger practical value and comfort among the similar products.