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What Is The Eye Mask? ①

Apr 02, 2020

What Is the Eye Mask?

The eye mask is definitely a conscience product for friends or business travelers who have trouble sleeping, and can help them more easily create a restful sleeping atmosphere. However, do you know how many types of eye masks are currently in the market? What type of eye masks is more suitable for you? Let's take a look at common eye masks.

1. Introduction of Eye Masks

The eye mask refers to something that is worn on the eyes for protection or shielding. It has become a fashionable item and has an important role in eliminating fatigue during life and travel.

2. The Functions of Eye Masks

The main function of the shading eye mask is to block the light and eliminate interference, and create a suitable environment for sleep, which is more suitable for daytime and outdoor use, such as noon break, flying by plane or car. However, you must pay attention to it and ensure that it is used in a safe environment. 

The choice of eye masks is also particular. It is best to choose natural and soft products, such as cotton eye masks, silk eye masks, super soft velvet eye mask, etc,. And the eye mask is best to be used in dark in order to protect your eyes from light. Secondly, when wearing the eye mask, it must be tight, fit, and breathable. Too loose, it is easy to slip in sleep, making the eyes stimulated by light. Too tight, it is easy to press the nerves around the eyeball, affecting blood circulation. Modern people have irregular life due to various reasons. Lack of sleep at night and lack of light sleep environment during the day, resulting in listlessness during the day, low work efficiency. It is easy to cause biological clock disorder and endocrine disorders in the long-term, and seriously affecting health. The city is full of various lights and noises at night, which can easily cause poor sleep at night, and people need supplement sleep during the day. Eye masks provide a sleepless environment for daytime sleepers. 

In western countries, eye masks have been popular in the market for more than a decade, and have become a must-have for many people who suffer from night insomnia.

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