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What Do You Mean By Wool Scarf?

Jun 15, 2019

The fabric count is a means of yarn representation and is usually expressed in terms of the inch count (S) in the "fixed weight system". Simply put, S is the count, that is, how many spools of thread can be wrapped in a pound of raw wool.

If the thread spun from a pound of wool can be wrapped around 60 spools, it is 60S. Later, in order to meet the needs of industrial mass production control, the textile industry artificially defined the concept of “support”, that is, a pound of raw material, which has a length of several 840 yards, which is called several.

The initial method for identifying wool quality grades is how many yarns a pound of raw wool can release. The finer the wool fiber, the more the spool can be wrapped by the thread spun at the same weight.

The more spools of wool a pound of wool, the thinner the wool, and the softer, smoother, closer to the silky texture. This is also the original origin of the wool count.

Extended data

The division of wool quality:

Heterogeneous wool is divided into grades, and heterogeneous wool is divided by grade.

The homogenous fine wool is divided into 70 branches (average diameter 18.1~20.0μm) and 66 branches (average diameter 20.1~21.5μm) according to the branching standard according to the average fineness, coarse cavity rate and appearance form. 64 pieces (average diameter 21.6~23.0μm) and 60 pieces (average diameter 23.1~25.0μm).


Low grade: 50% or less of wool.

Middle and low grade: 50%-95% wool.

Medium to high grade: pure wool fabric with more than 95% wool, 100-120.

Luxury: 120 or less - 180, wool over 100 is close to cashmere.

Top luxury: more than 180 pure wool fabrics

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