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Do You Understand The Various Advantages Of Shawls?

Jun 15, 2019

The shawl, also called the cloud shoulder, is made of silk satin brocade. Most of the cloud shoulders are composed of four moiré patterns, called Sihe Ruyi, as well as willow-style, lotus-style, etc., all of which have auspicious propositions, such as wealth. Peony, more blessings, more fish, and so on.

More popular than a small scarf, the wide-brimmed shawl, how to wear it, now take the inventory of the most popular shawl style, to ensure that you wear an elegant feminine! The shawl is very practical. It has the warmth of the coat, which can set off the beauty of the small dress and hide the fat of the upper arm. A versatile long-sleeved shawl that allows you to wear sleeveless dresses in the fall and winter, go to the afternoon tea to go to the party to dance, without fear of the cold.

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The solid color cloak shawl is versatile and stylish, and the cloak of the cloak with the fur is embellished and noble. What are the new highlights of the autumn and winter cloak shawls? Pay more attention to the new cloak shawl new vision, will let you learn the cloak shawl with the skills, wear a fashion fan!

The shawl is mostly made of cashmere, while the cashmere is made of a precious cashmere material. Because cashmere is light, soft, warm and slippery, it is best to wash it by hand. It should be mixed with other clothes. Wash together; different colors of cashmere products should not be washed together to avoid staining.

If you want to use the shawl without using hot, you can use it directly. It is believed that the frequency of use will increase greatly. Try not to create creases and store them without space.

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