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Tie Selection Skills

Jul 29, 2017

Tie selection skills

Elegant hues

This season, soft colors, white tie dress collocation enjoys popular advantage, let him try. Marja Kurki this season will be yellow, purple color and tender a bold launch; red hibiscus flowers and fruit as attractive light orange, sweet cherry pink, blue, blue, and Mediterranean white collar collar have also make split charm. Full of natural aura colors, make people fall into a reverie in the spring in summer. Don't be afraid of colorful neckties. It's not good to go with the fashion. But a dark colored tie can make you look too old.

Freehand brushwork and realistic style of design patterns

You can definitely appreciate them as enjoyable or realistic writing. Sometimes, seemingly random drawn from the scenic countryside, legend, or just when moved by sight inspiration reflects the work of passion, people are concerned about the fate of nature. Therefore, this tie is more treasure, this is another tie as a gift to value.

Comfortable and comfortable fabrics

The "king of fiber" Silk always makes people feel comfortable and considerate. No matter who you give it, a good tie will convey your mind exactly. Such as yarn dyed jacquard tie, good texture, high gloss, more suitable for grand or serious occasions; printed ties, relaxed and lively, suitable for more relaxed occasions.

Fine texture

A fine tie, lining suture line should be straight, liner to smooth; tie should have drape, not easily wrinkling, curling will tie hold release after, good quality tie will quickly recover smoothly; no matter how many thin light fabric, tie not too nice tie flowing; good abrasion resistance, not easily pilling; workmanship inspection tie, will tie the top half, can be completely aligned is a good tie. Of course, romance is always your best reason to give a tie as a present.

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