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Necktie Shopping Guide

Jul 29, 2017

Necktie shopping guide

Tie, as an essential part of a suit, plays an important role in dressing, decorating and beautifying suits. To choose an ideal tie, you should choose from the fabric, color, style, quality and so on.

A safe and reliable choice

Every man should have a sober tone deep tie in daily wardrobe, such as blue, gray, red wine. Dark ties and white shirts are classics that never go out of fashion. Such a tie is a valuable purchase. It can be worn everyday, or instead of a bow tie, to an important party.

Fashion mix

The heavy tie is always very solemn and elegant, especially when the quality is high quality pure silk.

Tie and coat match

Tie and coat match

Wine red, red, brick gray appear rough. If you like something more fashionable, "hi tech", bright grey and black, ok. With the well made suit, leather shoes, and the shirt with the same color, there will be a very rich style of collocation.

If you have this popular tone tie, be sure to have high quality, because you can't wear a firm and clean surface after wearing a tie.

Dare to BiaoXin

If you want to buy a pair of new in order to be different, pink or purple tie. Most people seem to feel a little bit stuck with such ties, but if they match their shoes and clothes, they do not lose sight of a way of showing extroverted personality, or even a topic of silence.

The only guarantee is that there will be a high rate of return. For a tie like this, you have to buy a lot of "tie" when you make sure you have a regular wardrobe. You can't tie it every day. The trend is changing. But, my old friend, if you want to keep that little bit different, you need to spend some extra time on your mind.


If you have only a few ties, you should not buy a more outlandish one, on the contrary,

Tie with clothes

Tie with clothes

You should buy more primitive, simple or twill style. Mainly depends on whether you are conservative or outgoing, and the tie should suit your taste. The pattern of the flowers in the negotiating environment is not ideal, you will not tie a pink tie to attend the funeral.

Try to buy adaptable ties to match your existing clothes and shoes. Depending on your financial situation, of course. If you like to wear classical clothes, it is recommended not to buy animals and cartoon ties, they will soon be out of fashion. But again, if you taste outward, and it has the right shoes and clothes collocation, even a Mickey Mouse or spider man tie, will still be recognized as people will wear clothes.

Necktie taboo

The real taboo is like noodles or fine leather corduroy products, if you live in the city, all wearing a cowboy hat wearing cowboy boots. As a rule, I recommend the same amount of money. You should value quality, not quantity. High quality items are worth more money, and they are the right investment.

Length width

The basic colors and styles are discussed. Let's take a look at the size. Generally speaking

Tie and shirt collocation

Tie and shirt collocation

The width of 3 inches is more suitable. The width of this range will not eliminate the trend. The standard TIE length is between 52-58 inches, with different brands and styles slightly different in length.

You get what you pay for

Prices are usually very good quality benchmarks. If it is a tie of high quality silk waste, feel soft and full. Don't buy a cheap, wrinkled tie!

High quality neckties are cut from the center of the fabric. The knot has a strong drooping feeling. If it is bent, it will not be purchased if it is cut improperly. So buying a tie can't be too stingy. You're willing to spend money on fashion and quality, because good ties make you look great and you'll be full of confidence!

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