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The Weight Of The Silk Scarf

Jul 24, 2017

Mm (mm) indicates the weight of the inner area of the wire. Under normal circumstances, the greater the mm, the more expensive the fabric price.

16mm represents 68.8896g / sqm and the coefficient is 4.3056. Mm, the performance of the texture is thick fabric, in addition, silk fabric organization and post-processing will also affect the texture, silk yarn through different weaving process to produce different silk fabrics, such as twill to do the square, Is oblique, generally mm between 16 and 24, plain crepe satin has a good gloss, shiny. Another silk fabric after the post-processing, such as bleaching, sand washing, dyeing, printing, etc., will affect the feel and texture.

Therefore, in determining the quality of a square when, in addition to mm, from the silk surface, printing and dyeing of color, pattern patterns should be considered

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