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How Do I Use Silk Scarves?

Jul 24, 2017

Silk scarf used:

Plain clothes with plain scarf. Can be used with the same color contrast with the law, such as black dress with neutral color scarf, the overall sense of strong, but with the carelessness will cause the overall color is bleak; can also use different colors of contrasting color method; the other with the same color, different Texture with the way is also very coordinated.

Clothes and scarves are printed on, with the color to have "Lord", "vice" points. If the clothes and scarves are directional printing, the scarf printing should be avoided and the printing of clothes repeated, but also to avoid and clothes stripes, lattice with the direction. Simple stripes or lattice clothes are more suitable for non-directional printing scarves.

Printed clothes with plain scarf. Can pick clothes on a certain color for the scarf color. Or, choose clothes

On the most obvious of a color, with the color of the contrast to pick the appropriate scarf. Both methods are effective.

Plain clothes with printed scarves. The most fundamental guiding principle is that the scarf must have at least one color and the color of the clothes

The same color.

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