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The Origin Of The Tie

Oct 28, 2019

Before the Industrial Revolution, the United Kingdom was a very backward country, at the time, the United Kingdom to pigs, cattle, lamb as the staple food, and no knife and fork, direct hand to eat. That time there is no razor this thing, so men are beard, eat when the beard dirty, and will use the sleeves to wipe.

Over time, the women were fed up with these grunge clothes, hung a piece of cloth on the men's chest, nailed a few small stones on the men's cuffs, and when men subconsciously wiped their beards with their sleeves Will be stone scratches, with this method to get rid of the bad habits of men, switch to the chest to wipe the cloth.

With the development of society, the progress of civilization, this tradition has been retained, the chest piece of cloth developed into a tie, and cuffs on the small stones I believe you guessed, into a cufflinks, Of the nobility slowly evolved into ornaments, spread so far.

In fact, no matter from what angle to consider, we have a certain argument, in short, the origin of the tie is mostly in Europe this area. If you want to learn more about the tie information, may wish to feel the European countries to the local style.