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Department Of Tie Need To Pay Attention To Health Problems

Oct 28, 2019

After all, the tie is tied to the neck, and if the tie is too tight, then the probability of suffering from glaucoma will be particularly large. According to the German medical department's study shows that 40 men tied for 3 minutes, most people's eye pressure increased by 20%, this is because the tie tight in the neck and Adam's apple this position, suppress the neck vein, affecting the blood Of the circulation, the impact of eye blood supply.

Because the neck vein is oppressed, will make more blood gathered in the eye, causing great pressure to the eyes, so long, the eye must receive damage caused by glaucoma and a series of eye disease burst. So here is the Department of the proposed tie, especially the neck of the larger men's girdle, when the tie must not be too tight, the tie itself is to show the charm of jewelry, do not let him transformed into a hazard to our health risks.