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The Most Complete Tie Use Manual In History Men's Tie Secrets

Feb 17, 2020

For a man, there are few accessories that can modify his appearance. Among these few accessories, tie is an important artifact to show men's charm, which can be said to be jewelry between men's necks. Many men are keen on neckties, and neckties are an important manifestation of their taste. Below will be a detailed description of the practical steps of choosing a tie, need to quickly collect.

Step 1: The width of the tie

The type of tie is very simple. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of tie: the wide version and the narrow version. Don't underestimate the difference between the narrow version and the wide version. Different people, different shirts, the type to be matched is also different, if mismatched, then your tie may give you a big discount to the overall image. At present, the standard TIE bandwidth refers to the widest end of the tie, usually 4 inches to 4.5 inches (about 10.16 centimeters to 11.43 centimeters).

What kind of person is suitable for a narrow necktie?

Narrow neckties are a popular trend in recent years, but most Orientals are not suitable for narrow neckties. Only those with slender, three-dimensional faces and necklines less than 15.5 inches are suitable for narrow-edition ties. Typically, such as "Du Professor" or Justin Bubber, who is popular all over the world in music, their images are suitable for narrow-edition ties, because the whole looks like a fresh young literary and artistic person, while the shoulders are wide or the biceps of the gym are well trained. Excellent muscular men are not very suitable for narrow neckties. You can imagine a thin necktie hanging on the chest of the strong man preservation personnel. It looks too good.

Of course, more traditional styles should be chosen for the most important formal occasions and for the mature gentlemen.

Step 2: The length of the tie

There are many kinds and lengths of ties. Better ties are often longer. The ties used by adults in daily life are usually about 130 to 150 centimeters long. Appropriate tie length is determined by height and tie method: after tied, the outside should be slightly longer than the inside, and its standard length. It should be that the tip of the tie touches the buckle of the belt, so that the lower end of the tie will not be "probed" from under the socks when the outer jacket is fastened with a button. For this reason, it is not advocated to choose "one pull" tie which is difficult to adjust its length in formal occasions.

Tips: If you wear high-waisted pants or vest, your tie should be shortened accordingly.