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Choice And Matching Of Men's Ties

Feb 19, 2020

Choice and Matching of Men's Ties

1. Collocation and color of tie

Tie and figure matching:

The basic style of men's wear has not changed much, so matching relatively free ties has become a weapon to show personality and a magic weapon to modify the upper body.

In addition to the traditional suit and tie, the narrow version of the tie has become more and more popular in recent years. But popular is not suitable for everyone, men of different statures can not blindly follow the trend, to choose their own smart style.

Strong men with fat upper body should not choose too narrow ties, otherwise they will look more tiger-backed and bear-waisted.

Men with thinner stature should choose a relatively narrower tie, which can increase the visual width of the upper body and increase the sense of weight of the body.

In particular, we should remind you that the ultra-thin tie with a width less than 3 centimeters is only suitable for wearing more fashionable occasions and parties. It is better not to let it appear in the workplace, otherwise it will make you look unprofessional.

Colour of tie:

The color and pattern of the tie determine your overall style to some extent.

If you want to look professional, you'd better choose the same color combination of tie and jacket, which will give people a comfortable and harmonious feeling, and it's not easy to make mistakes. For example, a sky-blue shirt can be matched with a blue-grey tie.

Striped ties make you look safer and more trustworthy.

A tie with a dot pattern will make you feel more affinity and no sense of distance.

The tie with special colors and bright colors is only suitable for men in creative industries such as advertising and media. Others should choose carefully when they go to work, otherwise they will appear unprofessional.

2. Choice of Ties

The striped tie is more professional.

(1) Black-and-white contrasting pattern tie, classic fashion color matching in matching shirts have many choices.

(2) Warm tie can increase affinity, and it can also play a role in modifying skin color for men with darker skin color.

(3) Dark tie with the same color is suitable for low-key and introverted men.

Ultra-narrow neckties make you more fashionable, but remember that matching suits and shirts must also be the right type.