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Steps Of Washing Customized Silk Scarf

Feb 14, 2020

1. After fading test, the scarf can be washed by hand at home after meeting the washing conditions. Hand washing is to select neutral detergent, which is carried out in water temperature below 30 ℃, and the detergent is first dissolved in water at 30 ℃.

2. Then fold the scarf neatly, hold the fold, put it in the water, and shake the scarf back and forth to remove the dust on the surface. Spread out the silk scarf, shake it back and forth for rinsing, and finally fold it into one eighth of the size, and screw it out gently. In the same way, wash twice. After washing, put it into the water, add a few drops of vinegar to soak it, keep the color bright.

3. Dry the towel. Methods: unfold the silk towel out of the water, spread it on the towel, and roll the towel into a cylinder.

4. Dry the silk towel. After removing the moisture, spread out the towel completely and lay it flat, and put it in the dark and dry place indoors. Note that if it is a fold towel, it can not be spread out and dried, it should be twisted, and then tied to dry.