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How To Choose Silk Scarves

Feb 17, 2020

Scarves are a fashionable piece that can enhance a person's temperament. They are also becoming more and more popular in different professions. No matter in the service industry such as bank airlines or some large enterprises, more and more female friends begin to wear scarves, especially in spring. So for such a trend of scarves, how to choose?

Tools / raw materials

Silk scarf

Method / step


Silk scarves have different workmanship, such as very delicate embroidery, which will be particularly high-end, giving a very noble and dignified feeling. For some friends who are rich, they can choose the series of embroidery scarves, which can show their personal taste and status.


Scarves also have different colors. For example, in spring, for friends with more lively personalities, you can choose rainbow scarves, which can change a single color of clothing, very rich in sense of hierarchy, give people a sense of vitality, so that individuals can be more sweet.


Pure color scarves will be more elegant and intellectual to a certain extent, which is the type that many quiet friends will choose. It can improve a person's elegant level to a certain extent, make personal charm shine, and is very suitable for female friends in the workplace.


Silk scarves are not only different in style and color, but also different in size. It depends on how to wear them. Some friends prefer to tie a big bow in their neck, so they need to choose a slightly larger scarf, so the effect will be more beautiful.


For many female friends, in order to better match, they often tie the scarves on the belt of the bag. In this case, they should choose the scarves with smaller size. The matching effect will be more refined and varied, giving a very new visual sense.


For friends with different preferences, the understanding and choice of scarves are totally different. No matter what, they are all for a more fashionable trend. This is to combine their own clothing types, so that scarves can play a better sense of hierarchy and practicality, so as to shape themselves with different styles.