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Silk Fabric Digital Printing Knowledge

Aug 03, 2017

Digital printing of the production process is simply said that through a variety of digital means such as: scanning, digital phase

Chip, image or computer processing and processing of various digital patterns into the computer, and then through the computer color separation printing system, by the special RIP software through its printing system will be a variety of special dyes (reactive dyes, acid dyes) direct spray Printed on the silk fabric (silk fabric before the need to hang pulp), and then after processing, the silk fabric to obtain a variety of high-precision printing products, compared with the traditional printing and dyeing process has several advantages :1. Digital printing of the production process so that the original process greatly shortened, then a single speed, proofing costs greatly reduced. 2. The principle of digital printing technology makes its products to break the traditional production of color and flower back to the length of the restrictions,

Can make the textile fabric to achieve high-grade printing printing effect. 3. Digital printing production really achieved a small batch, rapid reaction of the production process, the production volume without any restrictions. 4.

High-precision printing process makes the printing process without water without color paste. At present, the disadvantage of digital printing is the printing costs are relatively high, usually flat screen printing 3-4 times

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