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Common Scarf Fabric Main Features

Aug 19, 2017

Twill silk: belonging to the twill fabric, twill weave made of cloth, cloth has obvious oblique lines. This fabric shiny close to matt, looks not so bright, more introverted. The more significant feature is "strong", thicker and harder. The advantage of this is not easy to deformation, not easy hook yarn, the drawback is as a scarf, the drape may be somewhat inadequate.

This crepe surface is soft with natural luster and has a higher gloss than twill. Feel smooth, supple, delicate, flexible, drape good. There is a clear "positive and negative", satin than the back of the touch is more smooth, after the fabric will decline in gloss.

Georgette and Chiffon: Georgette, also known as Georgette, comes from the French (georgette), meaning light and transparent fabric. This kind of fabric surface shrinkage pattern feel rough, there are obvious yarn hole, like "frosted". Georgette is not "positive and negative" of the difference, it is very suitable for scarves. It should be noted that the beautiful Geocheng shrinkage rate is relatively large, in the cleaning need to be careful. Chiffon (chiffon) and Georgette relatively close, belong to the thin silk-like fabric, was translucent. The difference is that the chiffon is more smooth, Joe yarn slightly rough.

Here to teach you how to identify the true and false silk:

1. silk scarf gloss soft and uniform, although bright but not harsh, feel smooth. Usually the luster of man-made fibers more bright, and feel more than silk "stiff." The silk in the artificial fiber (an alkali-treated polyester) is luster.

2. Hand touch the silk scarf when the handle feel (that is, the hand is the feeling of fine fiber hanging). Usually man-made fiber scarves do not have this feeling.

3. Hand tighten the silk scarves and then let go, scarves without creases. In general, man-made fiber scarves have a clear crease after the release, and the fold is difficult to restore the status quo.

4. silk scarves in the friction will be issued when a crisp sound, commonly known as "silk Ming", and man-made fiber scarves in the friction when there is no sound.

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