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Scarf Cleaning Method, Accidentally You May Be Wrong

Jul 03, 2017

Scarf cleaning method, accidentally you may be wrong

Scarf cleaning steps

First ,A fade test women silk scarf

Before cleaning the first scarf to be faded test, the specific method is to dip a little scarf edge of the water, and then press the white towel. Towels stained with color on the scarves will fade, can not be washed, the other does not stick to color for washing.

Second, washed scarves steps

1, fade test, the scarf to meet the conditions of washing, you can hand wash at home. Hand washing is the use of neutral detergent, below 30 degrees Celsius in the water temperature, the detergent first dissolved in 30 degrees Celsius in the water.

2, then the towel neatly folded, hold the fold, into the water, back and forth shake the scarf wash off the surface dirt. The silk scarves spread out, back and forth shaking rinse, and finally the silk scarves folded into one-eighth size, gently wring dry. The same way, wash twice. Scarves washed, put into the water, add a few drops of vinegar soak, keep the color bright. ladies silk scarf

3, dry scarves moisture. Method: the water out of the silk scarf spread out, tiled on the towel, the towel can be rolled into a cylinder.

4, dry scarf. To remove the water after the scarf, completely spread out flat, placed in the room away from the dark. Note that if it is wrinkled towel, can not be flat to dry, to twist, and then knotting drying.

Scarf cleaning precautions

1. Do not use high temperature water cleaning. design silk scarf

2. Because the summer tap water contains more chlorine; so the application of the next day to wash water. Silk clothing material alkali resistance is poor, should use weak alkaline washing powder, neutral detergent, soap washing. Coffee, dark gray, black and other dark clothes, can not use soap directly scrub, otherwise there will be color flowers or produce scar. Scarves can not be soaked in a long time in the washing liquid, the general soaking time to 5 to 10 minutes is appropriate, the longest can not exceed 20 minutes to prevent fading.

3, when washing gently rub the hand, not too much force.

4, rinse clean, do not force wring dry, can be directly linked to dry, pull flat dry. Bogey in the sun exposure, it is best not to use washing machine washing and drying.twill silk scarf

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