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Analysis On The Feasibility Of Graffiti Art Elements In Scarf Design

Jul 03, 2017

Mention graffiti, people think is that the streets seemingly no rules of the painting, graffiti is even considered to disrupt the city clean and tidy behavior. But these colorful, composition exaggerated graffiti was the design area as the latest darling, once the advent of consumers to become the object of purchase. Also in the scarf design, the application of graffiti elements for the scarf added a thick and heavy color of the pen.custom silk scarf

First, the saturation of color in the visual prevalence of today, people are concerned about the product is the first color, scarves in the clothing with a colorful color as a whole with a touch on the touch of Smart rhythm. In the two-dimensional plane perspective, the color perception than other elements more visual impact, more to arouse people a variety of different emotions. Graffiti in the color of most have a strong saturation, and scarves because of its strong decorative this particularity, the performance of its color in the design has a pivotal position, the use of higher saturation color can light the overall costumes With, play a better embellishment role. Will be high saturation of the color applied to the scarf, the scarf will make the overall sense of color stronger, as accessories in the accessories, scarves color is the focus of the most designers. A successful scarf color must be harmonious and beautiful, in which the color of high saturation is to mention the soul of the whole scarf, graffiti and high saturation color and scarf fusion is harmonious.

Second, a strong contrast ladies scarf  women scarf

1.Color contrast

Graffiti in the color saturation is higher, the use of contrasting color creation is more common, and this is also commonly used scarf color method: the use of high saturation color contrast between the square inch scarf is more beautiful, play a good Decorative effect. Graffiti and scarves commonly used to play the color of color to express their own creative style, the dark streets of this is no one cares the corner, graffiti eye-catching color deeply caught the eyes of passers-by, bare neck was no decorative Of the parts, scarves jumping color just dotted the overall costumes of the Smart. Color contrast, including brightness, darkness, saturation contrast, graffiti and scarves can be used to compare the color of the ease of use, to play out every inch of color should have style.

2. Contrast of composition silk neck scarf

Graffiti to the wall for the canvas, so the frame is more broad, graffiti can be based on the size of the wall to play their own creative, exaggerated shape and rich 3D effect of the font filled with the whole wall. The size of the scarf is like an art painting, but there is no difference between the composition of the square, there are four dishes and one soup, axis symmetry, launch, scattered, special and so on. Graffiti and scarf composition in this limited frame can enjoy a variety of composition, the resulting visual effects due to the composition of the different differences. Scarlet composition of the pursuit of harmony, beautiful structure, in the scarf design has a variety of composition form, in order to achieve a good effect of accessories, blooming scarf between the unique charm, all kinds of different forms of composition also began to appear , Scarves composition is no longer behave in a balanced pattern, but to more divergent thinking of the composition of innovation and innovation.

Third, the use of a variety of colors Graffiti is not only the introduction of high saturation color, but also reflected in the use of a variety of colors, in addition to part of the paper mold graffiti and photoelectric graffiti color is more monotonous, Paint in the form of graffiti colors are varied. A variety of high saturation color combination of the screen feel more visual impact, scarf rich and colorful color embodies the scarf to express the emotions. Graffiti and scarves are used in a variety of color applications, can enhance the visual experience of the screen, to express the work of the internal emotions. Graffiti used by the bold color of innovation, the graffiti art in a variety of colors to extract, add to the scarf design, combined with digital printing scarves can make scarf color more rich, more creative colors.

In short, graffiti art and scarves marriage is no coincidence, graffiti with its color diversity and bold creative techniques are perceived by designers, into the design field, and scarf bright colors and rich composition is also fashionable beauty The necessary elements of women.

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