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Men Only Need To Pay Attention To These Three Points. How To Choose A Scarf Is Not Wrong.

Aug 03, 2019

Previously, I always thought that scarves and skirts were the patents of girls. Straight men of steel like me could ignore the cold wind directly, and there was no need for a handicap scarf. But I was wrong, after trying a scarf (ah, it smells good!) Only then knew that the original winter neck can not be irrigated.

However, the most important thing is to find that the scarf was originally a real fashion item, concave shape artifact in winter. Throughout the winter street photography, no matter the stars or the fashionable people brush their scarves together, the graceful and gentlemanly temperament is utterly speechless. So the question arises. How do you choose a scarf?

About color

As a "visual animal" of course, color is the first choice, because this most intuitive visual experience, will directly affect the overall collocation. Then the most direct correlation with color is skin color. White men congratulate you on choosing the color at will (no way, the world is white skin can do whatever you want). If you want to think of color, you can try saucy red, saucy yellow.

If your skin color is yellowish, you can choose white to brighten, or camel, light coffee and other warm colors to create a warm man's atmosphere.

If you have dark skin, even if you like those bright roses, mustard yellow, fluorescent oranges, please restrain yourself, believe me, don't insult yourself. You can choose the gray-black system, you can also try dark red, dark green, sapphire blue, set up more advanced.

What's more, if you can choose pure color as far as possible, what grid, stripes, prints, etc., not a single tone is difficult to control, originally wanted to be more fashionable, did not expect to wear unearthed air.

About Material

The skin of the neck is very sensitive, and the scarf is a personal single product, so the material is very important. Moreover, different materials, their texture and style are also different, collocation style will be different, so how to choose materials?

Knitted fabrics should be the most common. The main reason is that they are more friendly to the people. Blended fabrics are soft and have good warmth retention. But knitting styles are usually bulky and bulky, so try to choose monochrome ones to avoid confusing effects.

Cashmere material is relatively delicate, and the effect of cold resistance is better. It is the main material for scarves in cold areas. It's very masculine and has a British style. It can be worn with sweaters, windbreakers and coats, or it's very suitable for wearing alone.

Finally, silk, an ancient and noble material, is lighter and more delicate, but its warming effect is not as good as the two above materials. Silk scarves are all about nobility. They can be used to embellish important occasions and create a gentle atmosphere easily.

On Length

Men's scarves are a little different from girls'scarves. They don't need to be stacked around their necks to make them feel warm. The length of a man's scarf has a approximate value, generally between 160cm and 170cm. No man's neck can be thick enough to affect the way he ties it, but if he is about 150 cm in height, he can choose a shorter one (I hope you don't need it).

The scarf is too short, it is more restricted in shape, there is basically no other tie, and it will appear small family spirit.

The scarf is too long and ostentatious, and the style of matching is greatly limited. It can only be matched with high street and avant-garde disguises, but don't think about the conventional style (but to be honest, such a scarf is called "shawl" in our countryside).

After reading the above, you should know how to choose a scarf. If you have any questions or other questions to ask, you can leave a message under the comments.

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