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Men Can't Take Off Their Scarves All Year Round. Do You Know The Reason Behind It?

Aug 03, 2019

In 2017, French President Mark Long and his wife rode in the countryside wearing fashionable white scarves.

Lin Jiaming

In France, known as a fashion country, not only do women have unique research on dress matching, but men are also amazed at the seriousness of their choice of clothes and accessories. One of the more intuitive features is French men's persistence in scarves. Someone once jokingly said that if a man was still wearing a scarf or scarf in summer, he was probably French.

It is said that there is no reason why French people like to exert themselves around their necks. In Paris, Lille, Strasbourg and other northern areas, every September just after summer, French men began to rush to wear scarves. Until April and May of the next year, even in early summer, the scarf was still worn reluctantly by French men.

Did French men give up wearing scarves in the hot summer? Of course not. The French just play with flowers on their necks. The difference between winter and summer is only the thickness and color of the scarf. In June and July, French men like to wear a light casual suit or shirt with a thin scarf. The color is quite bold. Red, purple and wave points can be the matching color of their neck scarves. On the southern Mediterranean coast, even in warm and comfortable weather, silk scarves are the jewelry that many French men insist on wearing.

As the "fashion vane" of the world, French luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Giovanci have lost no time in introducing different styles of scarves and scarves in different seasons of each year. To a certain extent, they have played a "push hand" role in the "scarf trend".

Unlike men in Nordic and North American countries living in ice and snow, French men do not seem to simply use scarves as a windproof and warmth-keeping device wrapped around their necks, but as part of their daily dress mix, they often enjoy choosing different scarves and scarves with the style and color of their clothes. In Paris, this phenomenon is even more evident. No matter what season, it is easy to see men in suits, casual clothes and scarves on the streets of Paris. If you come to the left bank of the Seine River, which is more cultural, this kind of scene is more common in cafes or restaurants. Many websites even list a special item when teaching "How to dress like a Parisian": Please wear a thin scarf or scarf all year round.

French persistence in scarves and scarves dates back to the late feudal period. In the 17th and 18th centuries of the French kingdom, nobles of all sizes in the court and all over the country did not use silk as collar decoration. This style of dressing deeply influenced the once "upper class" society of France. To some extent, wearing scarves and scarves is a continuation of this tradition in modern times.

In addition, the French "can not take off the scarf" dressing style also has a certain connection with the climate characteristics of France. Although France is generally comfortable and pleasant due to the influence of temperate oceanic climate all the year round, it is basically in the same zone as northeast China in latitude, and there will be sea breezes from the Mediterranean and Atlantic Oceans blowing on land all the year round. The temperature difference between spring and autumn is obvious, even in summer, it will occasionally be cool. Meaning. In this weather, wearing cotton overcoat is too hot. Wearing casual clothes inside and light coat outside with thin scarf is not only warm, but also suitable for attending different social occasions.

Such a strange and stylish dressing habit is also evident in French male stars. Alain Delon and Jean Paul Belmondo are the two most representative French movie stars. They are often shown in the image of wearing scarves and scarves, both in the perspective of film and in daily life. Moreover, French men will retain this habit even when they go abroad. During the study of French in China, several male foreign teachers have their own favorite style of scarves. Over time, students can even identify themselves by the color of scarves from a distance. Even in Beijing's hot dog days, French foreign teachers tried to maintain this style of dress until the weather was too hot to persist before they reluctantly took off their scarves.

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