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How To Use Silk Scarf?②

Apr 01, 2020

4. The Color of the Silk Scarf

To create a retro style, you can select black, brown, red, and blue. These four colors are very retro.

5. The Collocation Skills of the Silk Scarf

1) Silk Scarf + Shirt Skirt

A baggy blue boyfriend-style shirt skirt can make you look like a retro freshness. A small silk scarf around the neck can attract people's attention, showing a fresh and stylish dressing style.

2) Silk Scarf + Lapel T-shirt

A lapel retro shirt with a special collar design, with white and black body stitching. Tie a small blue silk scarf on your shoulders to make the overall look brighter, adding a sense of cuteness to the retro style.

3) Silk Scarf + Striped Shirt

The most classic in retro wear is a striped shirt with white pants, which gives people a visual freshness. With a small beige scarf, it is simple and generous.

4) Silk Scarf + Sleeveless Shirt

Sleeveless shirts with lapels and khaki pants, the normal shape can not help but make people bored and monotonous. Wear a small silk scarf at the neckline and add a delicate scarf buckle on the scarf. It interprets the youthful and adds infinite vitality.

5) Silk Scarf + Hat

Scarves and hats are the must-have for winter in our average person's thinking, but we can also use scarves and hats in autumn. Warmth is second, they are mainly for beautiful decorative effects, but also for retro style. Knit camisole, paired with a large scarf and beret, it looks elegant and retro.