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How To Make The Scarlet With No Obvious Cheesy Secret (二)

Jan 22, 2018

Echo up and down

A large area echoes

The first echoes of the way is a large color echo, such as the following figure, scarves and jackets are warm yellow. The long coat of warm yellow is the main color, area, at this time if the scarf neck, the position is too close, thoroughly yellow paste. To highlight the scarves, only when the hair band, echoed up and down, the color distribution also have breathing. It should be noted that the so-called echo does not necessarily mean the same color. If the wool coat on the map for the navy blue, turban warm yellow, take hit color, but also for echo.


Echoes with the color

The following example, upper body sweater light yellow, scarf warm yellow, a deep one shallow, this is the same color echoes. The same color echoes the general scarf, light clothes (can only say that the general situation, can not be taken absolutely). Such as clothes if warm yellow, scarf optional brown, in general, there is a progressive feeling in.


The details echo

Bags, belts, clothes color part, shoes, accessories. . . Relatively flexible details of the echoes, not too many rules and regulations, mainly scarves and a small part of the body echoed, can be nearly color, can hit color. For example, the following with a scarf and bare knuckles exposed a section of socks echoes, blue under the yellow, these two points to be prominent, sweaters and dresses to choose the gray tone, which is back before that, the large color With the basic models.


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