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How To Make The Scarlet With No Obvious Cheesy Secret (一)

Jan 19, 2018

Scarf with cheesy, secret one:

Large color blocks, the basic models

Many people love and hate silk scarves, to see others take good looks, but to myself always feel wrong. One is not selected scarves, it is difficult to take. The second is also ignored by many people, with the primary and secondary points. Wearing silk scarves, the starting point of use, then the rest have to go with a low profile go. What are publicity, upstairs, only a visual pot stew, no primary and secondary, bells and whistles, this is obviously tacky.


Suitable for taking the scarves, usually with the basic texture of monochrome models, cashmere sweater, wool jackets, short leather garments, wool leather pants and so on. Excellent texture, tailoring fit. Scarf itself retro, but also in the retro accessories make a fuss. Such as round glasses, leather bags, retro fine necklaces, Oxford shoes and so on.


Scarves flowers, in fact, is a vegetarian, the most important trick is the rational use of large color blocks. Sweaters, jackets, trousers, a total of three color blocks, the color is close enough, enough gray as a whole, quite to the scarf when the backplane. The more you want to coordinate overall, the more striking scarf.

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