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Code Of Matching Ties And Suit Shirts Ties Are The Soul Of Suits Part 1

Feb 26, 2020

Code of Matching Ties and Suit Shirts "Ties are the Soul of Suits"

Ties, the soul of suits, play an important role in suits and are one of the necessary accessories for men in formal occasions. At the same time, the use of different ties can also bring a change of charm to the same suit. Let's take a look at the rules of tie and shirt matching.

Choice of tie:

Fabric: The texture of formal tie is usually silk and pure wool. It is not suitable to choose a tie of cotton, hemp, velvet, leather and other textures.

Colour (colour, pattern): The colour of the tie can be selected according to the colour and occasion of the suit and shirt. You can wear a color with a suit, such as a blue suit with a blue tie, and a gray suit with a gray tie.

In terms of color, it is generally possible to choose monochrome or dark-colored tie, and polychrome tie should not be more than three colors; do not choose too conspicuous and fancy tie, try not to choose light-colored tie or bright-colored tie. You can also choose purple tie, more solemn and warm.

In terms of patterns, tie patterns should abide by the basic principles of solemnity, elegance and conservatism. Generally, geometric patterns such as monochrome, dark or dotted patterns or stripes can be chosen. It should match the color of suit and shirt.

Style: A suit can't choose a simple tie (e.g. "Yirade").

Texture: Beautiful appearance, flat, no pick, no defect, wireless head, lining wool is not deformed, hanging straightforward, more thick.

Types of ties:

There are many kinds of ties, which are generally divided into two types: general tie and variant tie. The general type of tie includes loose-knot tie, square tie, bow tie, etc. The variant type of tie includes Astragalus tie, western tie, line tie, etc.

From the necktie fabrics, there are wool, silk, leather and chemical fibers.

From the pattern, there are small pattern, stripe pattern, dot pattern, pattern pattern pattern, combination pattern of stripe pattern, ancient Satin pattern and so on.