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11 Styles Of Men's Tie Make You Handsome To A New Height Prat 2

Feb 25, 2020

Part2 innovative tie

Ties can make everyday life more sophisticated

V. Double Knot

The double-loop junction is the enhanced version of the four-in-hand junction. Applicable to thin ties, a fine silk tie with double knots can create a sense of fashion, suitable for young workers.

Prince Albert

The Prince Albert is the enhanced version of the four-in-hand knot. Suitable for thin ties, a fine silk tie with a shirt collar with a high neck.

7. The Cavendish

The Cavendish is a tie style designed by Thomas Fink and Mao Yong, which can be regarded as double flat knot. Double plain knot method can well cover up the asymmetry of plain knot oblique triangle. The size of the knot is similar to that of Windsor knot, but slimmer than that of Windsor knot, which can be matched with standard collar and wide-angle collar.

VIII. Cross Knot

Cross Knot is very beautiful and suitable for the narrow plain tie which is popular among young people nowadays. The shape of the tie is a slender, sharp triangle, which shows a sense of competence and delicacy. And in this way, the surface is a cross "x" shape, add a bit of fun, for men who are not willing to wear boring professional dress, is a good choice.

9. The Dovorian Knot

Kit Klinkert and Thomas Fink designed and invented a tie style with a full pattern and a slender neckline. The elegant appearance makes it more perfect than the Windsor knot. At the same time, the tie skeleton is more stable than the Windsor knot.