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Why is the scarf attached to the flight attendant's neck?

Mar 29, 2018

The airline stewardess’s clothes are usually without a collar. If they are not equipped with a scarf, the neck is bald and gives people a sense of abruptness. Therefore, choosing a scarf not only highlights the charm of women, but also makes them more polite.


The interior space of the aircraft is very small. People in this kind of environment are very likely to feel depressed, and most of the uniforms are dark in color. With a colorful ribbon, visitors can visually refresh and feel happy.

We are all aware scarf is made and a piece of cloth, it is an emergency situation when the scarf can also serve as a bandage to bind up wounds to the injured.

The light and unburdened touch is comfortable and comfortable. The sweet color scheme makes the flower pattern more gentle, adding a fashion to the matching of spring.

Variety of styles, fashion, wild, easy to enhance the temperament of a series.

The small squares that make up the eyelashes, beautiful and versatile: hair bands, ties, and tie bags are OK.

It feels very comfortable, but also very skin-friendly, its color design is also very simple, not too fancy, some mature women's favorite

Silk fabrics are particularly silky and feel good. It is best to wear them in the early fall. No matter what the tops are, you can easily match your feelings.

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