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Little secret about the color of scarves

Apr 14, 2018

Another function of the scarves is to save some clothes that do not belong to their own correct colors. For example, if a warm-colored person has a purple top, as long as the purple top is simple in style and does not have too much decoration, he can find a scarf with a purple color but still a large area of warm color. In the chest, on the one hand can better set off the color, but also can integrate the color of the clothes, this is another magical effect of the scarf.

Flower scarves are usually colorful, in the selection, in addition to considering the color suitable for their own, and choose the same color with the existing clothing, there is an important consideration, that is, if there is a red scarf pattern, it is best to their own best Red in the color system, because most of the scarves are placed on the neck or chest, which is quite close to the lips. Therefore, the red color in lipstick and scarves is the best and the integration effect is better.

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