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How recognize 100% silk and imitation silk made from polyester?

Mar 11, 2020

There a many silk scarf in the market, like imitation silk scarf, silk blend scarf, 100% silk scarf. You can even not distinguish then form appearance and texture.

Here are some tips to recognize them:

1. Looking carefully at the weave

2. The Luster

3. Burning a piece

Real pure silk weave is completely hand made natural fiber with clearly visible small flaws and joins in the thread along the warp and the weft. Imitation silk made from polyester is a machine-made fabric and has a perfect surface with no flaws or bumps.

Pure silk is made with one color for the warp and another color for the weft. This produces the sheen and luster and creates the unique two tones and blends, which change depending on the angle of light. Imitation polyester silk shines white regardless of the angle of the light.

If you burn pure silk (a thread or two is enough) with a flame, it leaves fine ash and smells like burning hair. When you take the flame away it stops burning. If you burn imitation polyester silk with a flame, it drips, burns with a black smoke, and continues to burn after the flame is taken away.