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You May Have Silk Scarves, But They're Not As Beautiful As I Am.

Jun 29, 2019

If this autumn can only buy a single item, will certainly look at their wardrobe, desperately want to be able to put up more than a dozen body-shaped objects, is undoubtedly a scarf.~

In the golden age when scarves were popular, Audrey Hepburn once said, "When I tied a scarf, I never felt like such a woman, a beautiful woman.

” This is the charm that the scarf gives to women. Autumn is exactly what you should do.

The return of silk scarf trend has lasted for several seasons. However, in the face of countless dazzling silk scarf tie methods, how to pick out the easiest to learn and the most fashionable? The following five practical silk scarf tie methods ensure that you will learn, and fashion and classic, suitable for a variety of different styles.

[1. Exquisite Summary]

Step 1: Fold the square scarf diagonally into a neat slender strip

Step 2: Make a slack knot about a quarter and keep the corner of the scarf long and short.

Step 3: Place it in the middle behind the neck, with the kerchief hanging over the chest.

Step 4: Insert the longer end into the hole of the loosening knot and pull out Step 5: Adjust the length of the scarf corner and incline the knot to one side naturally.

silk scarves

Since the elegant 1950s, the "exquisite summary" method has been prevalent, so it is easier to highlight the feminine elegant side. Whether it's a classic white shirt, a small black dress, or a windbreaker jacket, it's very suitable. The most suitable length of scarf is about 70 cm. If the length of scarf is more than 90 cm, you can consider to tie a circle around the neck and tie it again.

[2. Triangular prefix]

Step 1: Fold a square scarf diagonally into a triangle

Step 2: Pinch the symmetrical sharp ends of the scarf triangle

Step 3: Place the big triangle in front of your chest and the sharp corners at both ends behind your shoulders.Step 4: Knot at the back of the neck. Be careful not to be too tight or loose, just around the neck ring.

Step 5: Adjust the front triangle fold to natural relaxation

silk scarves

Trigonometric prefix is derived from western style scarves, so there are some rough masculinity in the gene, which is very suitable for pairing with pullovers, sweaters and other tops, suits and coats are also a perfect match for this kind of tie. The 50 cm and 90 cm square towels can be used in this system. Of course, the size of the triangle will vary with the size of the scarf.

[3. Elegant tie]

Step 1: Hold the corner of a square or long scarf and let the scarf fall naturally.

Step 2: Wrap the shorter end around the neck and hang the long end over the chest.

Step 3: The short end scarf is wrapped around the long end and tied in a knot. It is tightened just around the neck ring.

Step 4: Put the short knot in the collar and hide it. The knot is slanted to the front of the chest.

silk scarves

"Elegant tie" is absolutely the most popular silk scarf tie method in recent seasons. The style with both elegance and frankness can be combined with almost all kinds of clothing. The only contraindication may be the oversize shirt, because the longer silk scarf droop will add to the feeling of a broad dress. If you try this method, you can buy a long silk scarf directly or fold it over 90 cm in length and width to maintain it.

[4. Folded neck collar]

Step 1: Fold a square scarf diagonally into a loose, slender strip

Step 2: Naturally wrap two loops around the neck

Step 3: Knot a knot in front of or behind the neck

Step 4: Squeeze the knots into the collar and hide them

Step 5: Just adjust the fold to the natural state.

"Pleated necklace" is a relatively new popular method of fastening, inspired by necklace, like wearing a colorful "necklace". And shirts, collars, etc., shoulder and neck area left more white tops are a good combination. Since the natural fold layers are to be wrapped around the neck ring, the length and width of about 90 cm is the most suitable.

When late autumn comes, girls should wear scarves to continue to be beautiful.~

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