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What To Do If The Pillowcase Turns Yellow? ①

Mar 24, 2020

What to Do If the Pillowcase Turns Yellow?

Many people's quilts and pillows have been used for more than half a year. When washing, we will find a problem: It will have the yellow marks on the pillow, cannot be cleaned by conventional methods. Why are there yellow spots on the pillowcase? How to deal with this situation?

Causes of pillowcase yellowing

1. One of the reasons for the yellow mark on the pillowcase is the chemical reaction between water, lactic acid, fatty acids, protein, salivary amylase and white fabric that we metabolize every night when we sleep. To tell the truth: sweat, saliva and fabric are mixed together leaving a yellow mark.

2. It may also be caused by moisture, especially in a climate where the rainy season is disturbed during spring and autumn. If the bed is placed in a humid place, the pillowcase will turn yellow, and if the moisture is severe, the pillowcase will mold.