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What Makes Us Different -- HuaCuiYuan Silk Company

Mar 16, 2017

                                                What makes us different

HuaCuiYuan delivers products and custom services that are different from others of this genre 

--HuaCuiYuan Silk Company has been working with its printing partner around 12 years , who is a leading traditional screen prniting and digital printing custom service  in Chinese textile industry not only producing printers but also printer's researching & manufacturing. Therefore, HuaCuiYuan Silk Company is proud of its strong position in screen prinitng and digital prinitng custom service, which leads the best combination of an effective customer service based in China.

--HuaCuiYuan Silk Company specializes in custom made screen prinitng and digitally-printed silk scarves and customized fabric printing options on various fabrics, including silk, cotton, polyester, wool, etc. Taking the advantage of tight business relationship with a leading company .

The service uniqueness of Hua YuiYuan  is based on the facts:
1) Effective communication  on a pre-order stage, which results in truly understanding customers' needs and helping to resolve problems during design submission.
2) Guaranteed quanlity delivery  with high customers' satisfaction. In the view of customer service, its response is fast and honest.  At HuaCuiYuan, customer satisfaction is more important than making business